Infinity  Group was founded in 2007 by forming several teams specialized in different fields of expertise. The company was formed with a vision to always keep lifting the standards of services and reach an optimum level of operations. This has happened by following through a committed mission which has been closely studied, analyzed, and finally shaped to fulfill and exceed the clients’ expectations. INFINITY was initially developed under Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for SME Development. It was a great honor for INFINITY’s partners to be blessed with such an incredible opportunity. Full support was provided by the said establishment after evaluating the firm’s goals.

In 2008, INFINITY was classified as a limited liability company with a trade function and obtained licenses from the Dubai Economics Department, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority, TECOM and Sharjah Economics Development Department. INFINITY carries out projects all across the United Arab Emirates.

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Serve all INFINITY clients as long term partners.


Provide INFINITY clients with unlimited support to enable them to focus on their investment core.


Professional and highly qualified team, strong educational background, right tools and support, all forms of unlimited services.



  1. list-style-iconDevelop intensive manuals for assets owners’ usage.
  2. list-style-iconProvide all sorts of hard and soft services that serve assets as required.
  3. list-style-iconOptimize asset life cycle, run smooth business, and maintain asset value.
  4. list-style-iconIncome generation, stable cash flows, and increase asset value
  5. list-style-iconProvide backbone support to all types of organizations.

Company Portfolio

INFINITY has played a leading role and been the manager and/or the executor of the following projects. INFINITY has developed its relations based on the mentioned procedures and processes.


Aurora Tower

  1. Type: Offices & Retail

Bay Square Building

  1. Type: Offices & Retail


  1. Type: Residential & Retail

Alfa Residence

  1. Type: Residential & Retail

Al Wadi Building

  1. Type: Residential & Retail


Our Valuable Team Members

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